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We partner with healthcare organizations, government agencies, and corporations to help them better understand, strategize, and implement innovative solutions that address the needs of their consumers.


Impact Nurse Consulting is a healthcare consulting firm that provides innovative and quality-based solutions that lead to high-quality patient health outcomes for healthcare organizations globally.


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Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials
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INC directly engages with individuals who reside within the community to understand their perspective on the personal health barriers they face.


With that foundation, we also listen for their notions on the education and resources they need to arrive at individualized high-quality healthcare outcomes.


In this way, we can take those critical bits of information to healthcare organizations to develop & implement innovative solutions that directly address the needs of the communities they serve with as much timeliness and speed daily.

While evidence-based practices are the backbone of healthcare delivery, the impact comes from combining that with what the healthcare consumers tell us they need. Consequently, we arrive at the best judgment for healthcare organizations’ and corporations strategy and approach to work.


Our Founder

Dr. Nicole Thomas DNP +RN +CCM

After experiencing subpar healthcare outcomes as a child from encounters with the healthcare system, Dr. Nicole Thomas made it her life’s mission to utilize her clinical knowledge and expertise to positively impact the lives of all receipts of the healthcare system.


Dr. Thomas is the founder and principal consultant of Impact Nurse Consulting, a healthcare consulting firm, founded in 2015 that provides innovative and quality-based solutions that lead to high-quality patient health outcomes for healthcare organizations globally.


She has led in her roles as a nurse-leader, associate director, and educator for various fortune 500 companies in the area of medical & clinical operations. In addition, Dr. Thomas led a fortune 7 managed care organization in developing, implementing, and evaluating clinical programs during the transition of Louisiana Medicaid to a managed care system which resulted in a 87% increase in patient health outcomes & an annual $3.2 cost-savings. During her tenure as the associate director for medical & clinical operations, Dr. Thomas consistently maintained a 98% success rate on her ability to lead a successful team of healthcare professionals in the areas of productivity, education, motivation, and empowerment which has afforded her the opportunity to be the recipient of the Super Hero award, a prestigious award in which over 1,500 were nominated but only 125 were selected.


She is also the author of the best-selling book “In Health On Purpose: Awakening Your True Calling In The Healthcare Profession” which was #6 in the professional development category on Amazon. Dr. Thomas has been featured in national publications such as Black Enterprise, Rolling Out, & Scrubs Magazine. She is also the co-founder of the #1 nursing development platform, The Nurse Power Network, that helps nurses find, operate, & dominate in their nurse power which has helped over 20,000 nurses and counting. Learn more at,Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


"Working with Nicole was a game changer for our community vaccination campaign. She is genuine, timely, organized, honest and kept us on track. Nicole always followed up and followed through on every aspect of the project. It was a pleasure to work with her and learn from her."

Mathilde Silverberg, Policy Director Healthy BR Parish of East Baton Rouge Mayors office.

"Thank you for being a valued collaborative partner to the BRidge Agency, INC. Impact Nursing has consistently offered excellence in service through our collaborative partnership. Our recent collaborative outreach provided access to resources for more than 500 families. We want to thank Impact Nursing for being an industry leader and for extending quality supportive services to us."

Nicole Scott, Founder of Bridge Agency 

"Impact Nurse Consulting has been an integral component of the health programs that we have developed to improve the health of the individuals we serve on a daily basis. The extreme professionalism and innovative solutions they bring are unmatched."

Lauren Hebert-Henderson,

Healthy BR Program Director

City of Baton Rouge/Parish of East Baton Rouge