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You Call Them Issues, We Call Them Opportunities: Moving Healthcare Forward

The reality of healthcare is there are several challenges that the industry faces on a daily basis. Some of these challenges are continual issues that the industry has faced for quite some time, while some of the challenges are fairly new, mostly relating to the differing needs & expectations of healthcare consumers. Nonetheless, we have to acknowledge that the issues exist, but more importantly opportunities and hope also exist.

In order to effectively and impactfully move healthcare forward, the issues that are present must be looked at as opportunities to generate impact from a 360 degree perspective. Below are some of the opportunities that exist and solutions to address those areas:

  1. Delivering Culturally Competent Care- Nothing about healthcare is cookie cutter or one size fits all. As a matter of fact, it is highly individualized and should be approached on a person by person basis. To take this even further, the culture of all consumers of healthcare must be included in the delivery of care to ensure that it is realistic and culturally competent. To do this, it is imperative that healthcare organizations provide all personnel with sufficient and effective education on various cultures that they care for; allow personnel to remain curious, in a respectful manner, so they can ask questions about various cultures in an effort to learn more about the cultures they serve; and curate an environment where culturally competent care is an integral expected part of the delivery care model.

  2. Improving Communication- Let’s face it, the terminology that healthcare professionals learn through formal training is not the easiest language to understand and sometimes it can sound like a foreign language to most. This can pose a great barrier to effective communication and that barrier can result in lack of understanding which directly impacts quality outcomes. The incorporation of language that the average person can understand in laymen terms, yet that still describes and summarizes the critical information that the consumer needs can improve communication by as much as 70%.

  3. Transforming Healthcare Delivery- The delivery of healthcare should be a meaningful and impactful experience from start to finish. This experience should consist of both clinical and non-clinical experiences. Developing a robust healthcare delivery system that is inclusive of partnerships and collaborations amongst various stakeholders and organizations who can aid in the quality of patients outcomes are critical.

  4. Incorporate Various Points of Care- The current consumer of healthcare lives by the motto of “work smarter not harder”. What this means is that they look for convenience, ease, and accessibility, and the lack of these key factors prevent over 37% of consumers of healthcare from seeking care from the healthcare system. The implementation of telehealth, digital education and resources, and home-based care are effective and impactful ways to increase access to care.

Let us help your organization turn your barriers into effective and impactful solutions. The opportunities to create impact are endless. Contact us now. .

Impactfully Yours,

Dr. Nicole Thomas, DNP, RN, CCM

Founder/Principal Consultant

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