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Our story

Today, global developments continue to give credence that patient outcomes are at the core of healthcare practice. Within the context of these happenings and an ever-dynamic world, Impact Nursing Consulting partners with healthcare organizations, governmental agencies, and corporations to create a better understanding of innovative healthcare solutions.

Our model is to join forces with these sectors to innovate better strategies for implementing solutions while helping healthcare services successfully address and meet their consumers' needs. In doing this, we prove that successful healthcare goes beyond having and nurturing compassion for people. It includes ensuring excellent practice in the administrative aspects of an organization.

We understand that every patient or healthcare consumer wants an expert who will combine a critical quotient in experience, compassion, and skill in dealing with them. This is our motivation to ensure that our staff works in synergy with our vision; they receive access to the best training and practice opportunities. In this way, our healthcare-consulting ecosystem at Impact Nursing Consulting stands apart in the healthcare industry.

At Impact Nurse Consulting, we partner with healthcare organizations such as hospitals, clinics, governmental agencies, community-based structures, and corporations, helping them in the following areas of concern:


Compliance and Internal Audits

At Impact Nursing Consulting, we deploy our unique mastery in every compliance and internal audit endeavor we undertake. Each of our team members is a seasoned healthcare practitioner and has sufficient understanding that positions our entire team to consult with experts so that we achieve a united quality of multivariate healthcare knowledge and skillset. Moreover, we customize our project teams to match the specific demands of our clients with accuracy. Our number one goal is to ensure our clients win in healthcare delivery and healthcare outcomes.

Quality Improvement

One of the critical performance determinants of adequate healthcare services is a skilled and current workforce that expresses the best across healthcare operations' respective administrative and clinical aspects. In addition, we make sure to put appropriate systems in place to effectively ensure continual quality improvement as we pursue our end of every endeavor in our work with clients. The result is increasing patient healthcare outcomes that are enough of a reward for our clients and us.

Personnel Professional Development

Keeping with the core values of reliability and trust, we believe that professional development should be a key and consistent portion of employment for all personnel so that they can perform at innovative and high levels. It is trite that the development of staff within healthcare organizations is essential to ensuring the highest quality of healthcare is delivered to consumers. For this reason, we offer professional development training bordering on the organizational needs of healthcare institutions and their staff.

Employee Wellness

The truth is a healthy employee makes a productive employee, which is why employee overall wellness is critical. At INC we provide employee wellness workshops, as well as partner with corporations to build sustainable employee wellness programs that address employees' wellness needs from mental, physical, emotional, social, & intellectual needs.

Leadership System Development

Impact Nursing Consulting, and we believe that leadership transcends hierarchy or position. Leadership is a skill for any role and not just individuals with leadership titles. Hence, we facilitate leadership development training that helps your staff learn how to become a more successful leaders, improve communication, make better decisions, manage conflict and build a team. Our leadership development training is based on six pillars which include: influence, communication, thinking and acting systemically, self-awareness, resiliency, and learning agility.

Healthcare & Wellness Education

Our team of clinical experts is always ready to provide evidence-based education on multiple topics that impact your patient population on a daily basis. The scope of this concern spans from customer service to diversity & inclusivity training, giving our clients the best preparation for improved performance. In this way, we equip them to function with excellence, considering the ever-changing dynamics of the healthcare industry, knowing the place of access to the latest evidence-based information in the delivery of robust and comprehensive healthcare.

Healthcare Business Optimization

When healthcare businesses are streamlined, organizations function more efficiently and effectively. As such, it is clear that healthcare business process optimization is the lifeline of any healthcare organization. For anyone who works with us, they get access to our wide range of back-office services within which we create leverage for them by restructuring existing models essential to their core business functions. Our optimization solutions will enable healthcare organizations to spend less time and money on processes so they can better focus on more essential functions.

Training & Workshops

At INC we are equipped to provide impactful trainings and workshops to corporations, healthcare organizations, and other agencies in the areas of professional development, leadership, customer service, DEI, HIPPA, continuing education, and much more. Let us create impact within your organization.

Let Us Build, Implement, & Manage Your Employees Health & Wellness!

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Frequently Asked


1. Why should I work with INC?

Impact Nurse Consulting is not your average healthcare consulting firm. We work directly with consumers of healthcare to help our clients develop innovative and patient centers solutions that are patient and evidence-based. This is where IMPACT is made. Let us help you make a impact with the community you serve on a daily basis.

2. Does INC travel?

Yes, Impact Nurse Consulting travels. We are always ready and willing to come to you to help create impact whether it be via a training, workshop, program development, etc. schedule a FREE 20-minute consultation NOW and let’s get to impacting.

3. How much is the investment?

Depending on the services your organization is in need of, we can put together an innovative and comprehensive package to address your needs as all needs and budgets vary.


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