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We Create IMPACT By Trainings

At Impact Nurse Consulting, we offer IMPACTFUL trainings to various organizational types to ensure their healthcare educational needs are addressed utilizing the most current evidence-based standards to address their specific training needs.

Training Types:

Logistics & Transportation 

At Impact Nursing Consulting, we provide on-demand HIPAA & Blood Bourne Pathogen educational training to transportation and logistics companies to ensure required compliance for their couriers who transport any medical elements.

Frequently Asked


1. Does Impact Nurse Consulting Offer On-Demand Training?

Yes, we offer on-demand trainings via our online learning management system (LMS). All on-demand courses are self-paced and are available for access for up to 90-days after enrolling. For compliance courses, all individuals enrolled will receive a certificate of completion to provide to their organization as proof of compliance.

2. Who Teaches Trainings?

All trainings at Impact Nurse Consulting are facilitated by a Registered Nurses.

3. How much is the investment?

Prices for trainings vary depending on if they are on-demand or in-person trainings. Please email for all in-person training request.


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