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The Impact of Employee Wellness

If you don't make time for your wellness, you will be forced to make time for your illness.-- Unknown

Many individuals do not take proactive measures to focus on their wellness to prevent illness, but rather they react to the illness that is often caused by a lack of wellness. And to take this a step further, many individuals do not focus on their wellness because of lack of time and capacity. Millions of individuals spend a large portion of their time in work environments that have physical, mental, and emotional demands. The demands, while often times being the nature of the industry, can impede the focus on individual wellness. Due to this, employers have an obligation to support and aid in the improvement of health and wellness for their employees to ensure an intentional and proactive solution that impacts the health and wellness of their employees.

Some of the benefits of employee health & wellness programs include:

1. Positive impact on employees mental, emotional, and physical health - The ability for an individual to participate in activities and gain knowledge that focus on wellness, is critical in their overall health. Because an individual spends roughly 50 of the average 84 working hours within their place of employment, it can be challenging to find the time to engage in activities that enhance wellness. When employee wellness programs are made available via their employer, they are 72% more likely to engage in their personal health and wellness, thus positively impacting their overall health.

2. Impacts organizational healthcare cost- Business that offer health benefits such as medical, dental, and vision insurance are mandated to pay a portion of their employees premium which is often based on the health risk of their employees. When individuals are able to focus on wellness it decreases their illness, which in turn lowers their health risk and premium cost that employers are required to pay.

3. Reduction in employee absenteeism- A healthy & well employee is a productive employee! And this means that the need to miss work due to illness is significantly reduced when there is a focus on employee health & wellness.

4. Impact recruitment & retention- Post-Covid, many employers have faced various changes and challenges within the workforce. People are no longer engaging in employment solely for money, but rather other elements such as investment into the overall safety, wellness, and health of their employees. Studies indicate that employers who are vested into the health & wellness of their employees have seen and increase in their retention rates by roughly 63% and recruitment by 34%.

5. Impact organizational culture- When employers show they care truly for their employees from a 360 degree perspective, organizational culture significantly increases.

Remember a healthy and well employee, is a productive employee!

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